Last projects

My first asset pack now live on the Unity asset store !

5 animated Voxel animals has been accepted and is now avalable for free on the Unity Asset Store :!/content/145754

I am so happy it has been accepted ^^.
Will do more of them in the future

Animate Magicavoxel models in Unity

Quick tutorial to show you how to animate Magicavoxel models and characters in Unity using only Unity animator.
To do so i only use 3 free softwares : Magicavoxel, Blender and Unity.
It's a quick way to tests animations and prototyping in Unity using easy to make voxel models.
The Playercontroller script can be find on this page : playercontroller.html

Voxel simple character model

A very simple voxel character. The scene is using the Magicavoxel lights options. Very easy to reproduce for beginners.

Voxel Animals

5 animated Voxel Animals moving and jumping in Unity

L'île de Guillaume

Small game project I am currently working on. A little adventure on an island in the third person. With a thread and a bit of story-telling. I'm working on Unity and the game is going well. For the moment the whole story is in French but I would like to translate it into English later.

Finish Line

My submission for the WeeklyGameJam 72 The theme was "Finish Line"
This is the incredible story of Mike the hot-dog vendor who try to protect his new friend, the "finish line".
The page :

La conquête AMOUREUSE de l'espace
Minigame submission for the French Game Jam #6